Marco Print Aware

Why Does Marco Use Print Aware?

The Print Aware application powered by MPS Monitor allows Marco to automatically submit meter counts on print devices for billing, so you don’t have to. It also allows for tracking of toner levels for devices.

Marco uses Print Aware and predictive analysis to detect when your print devices are about to run out of toner, so we can ship it out to you before your device runs out.

Print Aware Overview

Learn the benefits of Print Aware when it comes to managing your fleet of copiers and printers.

Marco's Managed Print

Marco's Managed Print Services, or MPS, saves you time and money and makes your office a better, more secure place to work. We’ll supply any necessary equipment and manage your entire fleet, so you’ll experience fewer workplace disruptions.

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What's In It for You?

  • Submit meter readings for your fleet
  • A quicker way to order and track your supplies including toner/consumables
  • Detailed information about your fleet

Marco Client Center + Print Aware

The Client Center makes it easy to find everything you need to know about the Print Aware program... all in one spot. Watch the overview video for additional information.