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microsoft_office_icons_01How much more could you get done in a month if you didn’t have to acquire, migrate, manage, configure and troubleshoot your Microsoft 365 subscription? As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we can provide world-class support and offer you more value from the tools you’re already using.

Want to make life easier? With our FREE Microsoft Assessment, you will get personalized insights and recommendations for your business. 


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Take advantage of a FREE Microsoft Assessment today! Our experts will provide you with personalized insights and recommendations, so you can confidently maximize the value of your subscription. No obligations or strings attached.

Next Steps

  • Start by completing the form and uploading a copy of your Microsoft 365 invoice.
  • Then complete the steps to grant Marco visibility to your Microsoft Cloud Account.
Click Here to Grant Marco Visibility to Current Microsoft Cloud Account

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How to Make Us Your Microsoft Partner


Add Marco Technologies

Don’t worry! Allowing us visibility won’t break or remove any existing partner access. Your authorization will simply give us the ability to assess your Microsoft Cloud account.

Update Profile - Step 1

Click the button below to make sure your profile is up to date. If you make any updates, the system may take up to five minutes to refresh. When it refreshes, you’re ready for step 2.

Accept Invitation - Step 2

Click below to authorize MARCO TECHNOLOGIES, LLC as your Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider and accept the Microsoft Customer Agreement. Hint: only a user with global admin status can successfully accept this invitation.

Reasons to Consider Partnering with a MSP

Get exclusive support for all your Microsoft 365 applications

We'll help improve security capabilities within Microsoft to safeguard against malware, ransomware, and phishing attacks

Our experts will help you migrate user data, set up accounts, assign licenses, and transfer emails, documents, and files

Get training for your employees on the platform(s)

 Our US-based team can provide top-notch technical expertise and support

Take advantage of our discounted rates on your existing subscriptions 

Our simplified portal makes it easy to manage all of your technology — including licensing and contracts — all in one place

Need Assistance with Granting Visibility?

Marco’s Solutions team is here to help! Reach us at 800.847.3097 and ask for assistance associating your Microsoft account to Marco.

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