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Businesses around the world continue to adjust to the impacts of COVID-19 on their work environment. Like your organization, we are closely monitoring the situation day-by-day and slowly implementing our own return-to-work strategy. We are here for you, and we can provide the support and service needed to ensure the health and wellness of your employees, clients and vendor partners remain a top priority.

Whether your team is settled into a remote work routine or you are transitioning back into the office, you've likely uncovered a number of technology and security needs.


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If your business continuity plan involves your organization thinking about ways to increase productivity and work more efficiently, consider a long-term remote strategy. We can review your current systems through a technology assessment and help identify a proactive and sustainable approach to doing business remotely. Investing in technologies such as cloud voice, cloud computing or mobile desktop can help your team become more nimble and prepared for the future. Through virtualization of software, we can quickly and effectively deliver solutions without onsite install or product hardware.

COVID-19 SCAMS and Safeguards

Whenever there’s a shakeup of some sort, scammers swoop in to capitalize on our vulnerabilities. In the last months, COVID-19 certainly caused a shakeup in our economy, our workplaces and our lives. As a result, cyber criminals are out in force trying to prey on vulnerable businesses and individuals.

Read a blog discussing how COVID-19 has made some organizations more vulnerable than ever, the most common ways cyber criminals are taking aim at businesses and consumers, and what you can do to help prevent becoming a victim.


You may have an IT team at work. With Marco, you can have one at home, too. Let us help you choose the right products for your environment and ensure your workforce is prepared for success, whether that includes gradual return-to-work or remote services. With Marco’s service and support, you have ready access to IT specialists to fulfill a range of needs - from configuration and implementation, to warranty and ongoing technical support.

Concerned about safety? We consider the health and safety of you and your organization a top priority. The Marco team takes every precaution to ensure you and your workforce stay safe during service calls and installations. Learn about the steps we're taking to keep you safe during COVID-19.


There's nothing like a crisis to highlight the intricacies that help optimize efficiency and effectiveness in our work (i.e. a second monitor or the ability to scan or print). We can help you capitalize on the learning that has come to light during the pandemic with Remote Work Bundles available at our eStorefront.

Our Remote Work Bundles include laptops, docking stations, monitors, keyboard and mouse combinations, Bluetooth speakers and speaker phones, headsets, desk phones and multi-function printers. You can choose pre-built bundles or add and delete products to customize bundles that best fits your organization's needs.

To learn more about improving or sustaining efficiency or effectiveness for your organization, complete the form or call 800.847.3098.


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