Why Shred?

Imagine your company’s financial records, confidential memos and clients’ records going public. With more data and accessibility than ever – and growing – confidential information can get into the wrong hands. Marco pairs the intelligence and experience of its IT experts with the security of document and hard drive destruction to assure your information stays confidential.

Now more than ever, businesses are recognizing the necessity for secure document and record shredding. That’s where Marco steps in. So, what can we do for you?

We Help determine materials that need to be destroyed
We Handle the large volumes of data and records that most businesses can’t manage themselves
We Assure security of your shredded material

As a business, you are legally obligated to protect sensitive information. Likewise, Marco is in the business of protecting you. With the Red Flag Rule, any person or business with personal or company information on any document is required to destroy all consumer information before it’s discarded.

Most companies understand the importance of document destruction, but might not know what data needs to be destroyed. Confidential information can include everything from invoices, bank statements and financial documents to contracts, credit card receipts, audit reports and sales data. Personal records and employee applications also fall within documents that should remain confidential.


Are you paperless?

Data stored on paper isn’t the only information that’s vulnerable. When computers are outdated, destroying the hard drive is advisable. Even if the hard drive is thought to be wiped clean, experienced criminals often find ways of retrieving information.

Professional data destruction experts like Marco have safe and effective methods of destroying hard drives. We’ll even give it back to you upon request. Items, such as DVDs, CDs, tapes, films, external drives and other backup drives, are sometimes missed in the planning stages of data destruction, but not with Marco. Once we complete your destruction needs, your shredded data is recycled safely and securely.

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