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Scheduled recurring on-site shredding service

Scheduled recurring on-site shredding

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Need shredding on a regular basis? We’ve got you covered! Place the materials you’d like shredded in your containers and our document-shredding vehicles will dispose of your material as often as you need! Whether you require weekly, bi-weekly or monthly shredding, our trucks service Minneapolis/St. Paul, Greater St. Cloud,MN, St. Louis, MO and Middletown, PA and we’ll tailor our schedule to meet your needs!

One-Time or Periodic Shredding Service

One-Time or Periodic Shredding

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You might not need shredding all the time, but you likely have end of year or business cycle, which involves a large accumulation of materials. This is why we have high-performance mobile shredding vehicles.

These trucks take care of boxes, skids and all the shredding material you need safely disposed of, all on your schedule!

Hard Drive Destruction

Hard Drive Destruction

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Keeping data confidential in today’s world requires more than just shredding paper. That’s why we offer on-site hard drive destruction.

Don’t take our word for it. On top of destroying your hard drives on-site, we invite you to witness the process and will return the destroyed hard drive to you upon request. Your security and satisfaction are our first priority.



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Your electronic devices hold sensitive data too. And yes, we can shred it for you.

Our shredding services offer one-time or routine services for e-waste including – but not limited to – computers, tablets, cell phones, printers, monitors, laptops and much more.