Steve Knutson

Marco Member Since: 1999
Marco Member Since: 1999

Steve Knutson

Chief Technology Officer

Steve always wanted to be an astronaut when he grew up—or better yet, the CIO/CTO of Marco. His down-to-earth personality and “no geek speak” philosophy make him a sought-after speaker on “all things IT” nationwide.

Steve graduated from the University of New Mexico in 1991 with a bachelor's degree in Computer Science. Before joining Marco, he worked for the United States Department of Defense (high clearance needed and no, he can’t tell you about it). Prior to that, he served as a computer analyst for BDM, Inc.

Today, he leads Marco's progressive IT strategy as Chief Technology Officer and is responsible for Marco’s product and services portfolio. As Chief Information Officer, Steve oversees Marco’s internal use of technology, which gives him insight into technology challenges our clients may face.

If Steve wrote a biography, he would title it How to Walk Through the Mine Field of Life and Not Miss Any. Minefields aside, Steve tackles the technology battlefield daily, helping to increase security and effectiveness of devices.

For fun, Steve and his wife own a hobby shop and indoor RC raceway. He loves technology gadgets and is always inspired by learning.



Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, University of New Mexico, 1991



  • Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal's Titan of Technology, 2017
  • Minneapolis St. Paul Business Journal's CIO of the Year 2011
  • HTG member of the year 2012
  • HTG Rockstar Award 2015


Community Involvement

Member of the Minnesota High Tech Association (MHTA) and the Greater Saint Cloud Cybersecurity Consortium. Steve participates on several partner advisory councils for Marco’s manufacturers.  He is involved with the MN Tripoli high-power rocket club and the Upper Mississippi River Smallie Club. Steve is an ad hoc board member for several non-profit organizations and an active volunteer for his church.

Greater St. Cloud Economic Development Corporation

Joined Marco



Steve's Blogs

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