M:Powering Lauren Neumann

Finding the right technology for your business is a powerful thing. Our performance-driven approach empowers our customers to work smarter, dream bigger and take technology further. 

See how Marco empowers our customers, employees, communities to go further.

When I first started at Marco, which wasn't long ago, I knew this was a great company to work for! They invest time and money not only into their customers, but their employees as well! I feel it's very important to take care of your employees because that's what makes up Marco. What m:powers me is that Marco takes training seriously, it can be a very time consuming and expensive investment, but all successful companies know that we all need training whether we have been at a company for 3 months or 30 years. Training is always a great refresher to keep our employees on track to what our mission and goals are as a team. I look forward to attending more trainings throughout my career to keep me up to speed on how to be successful.
Lauren Neumann
Accounts Payable
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