M:Powering Jocelyn Jordan

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Jocelyn Jordan - Marco Inc.
I started at Marco in March 2013. I have since been m:powered by the ambition and work ethic of everyone. I wasn't completely confident in the skills I had when I first started, but after being in the Help Desk for two months, they sent me from Tier I to Tier II. That was a HUGE accomplishment for me and it made me feel good about where I worked. After working 12 hour shifts for almost 6 months, I moved to Network Specialist. Now every day when I put that Marco shirt on, I take pride in what we do as a company, and as an individual working for the greatest company in the world. I feel my duties are important and make a difference to not just the company, but to the customers as well. I have good working relationships with customers and it feels good to know that Marco has my back.
Jocelyn Jordan
Marco Inc.
Network Specialist
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