M:Powering Jeannie Szczech

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Jeannie Szczech - Marco
My m:powering story is that I feel great waking up every week and feel good about coming into work. That's when you know you have a great career in your hands. It’s a wonderful feeling coming into work every morning and no matter who you pass by, you always hear ‘Good Morning’. I come to work with a smile and leave with that same smile. A company that never gives up on their employees and customers is the best place to work at, and I feel Marco is that way. Its great knowing that Marco understands family, friends and my needs when a rough or happy time does occur. Marco is growing, and with that there are more opportunities for me to expand my knowledge. I feel Marco wants their employees to go out there and move to the next level, as I have.
Jeannie Szczech
Copier Print Purchasing Representative
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