M:Powering Crystal Piekarski

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Crystal Piekarski - Marco
Before starting at Marco I worked for an employer that did not appreciate me or my hard work that I put into making the place successful. I thought that is how everyone was treated and what the workforce atmosphere would be like anywhere else. Then I was introduced to Marco and my eyes were opened to a whole new aspect of what being in the workforce really should feel like. You can have faith, family and a career, all in that order. I now come to work everyday with a smile on my face, much like I did before but it's not forced this time. Marco appreciates me and all I do for the company which in turn makes me work harder everyday to become more knowledgeable at my job and more successful. So when asked what m:powers me, I will answer with Marco. Marco makes me want to do and be better.
Crystal Piekarski
Contract Coordinator
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