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Managed PRint


At some point or another, business printing got complicated. The ease and excitement printers first brought to offices and organizations seems to have been replaced with an endless stream of annoyances, frustrations, inconveniences and added expenses. When a printer runs out of toner or stops working in the middle of a workday, you’re not just losing the ability to print. You’re also losing staff productivity and opportunities to meet the needs of customers. Plus, you run the risk of negatively impacting the overall workflow of your organization. All of these things take a toll on a business’s bottom line, but it’s important to realize that all of those issues are preventable with Marco’s Managed Print Services

Managed Print Services is Easier Than It Sounds

Managed print might sound complicated when you first hear it, but that couldn’t be further from the reality. With Marco’s Managed Print Services, the only task businesses have to do with their printers is use them. Then, when any print-related issues occur, alert us via email. That’s it. And while you print, scan, fax and copy documents, Marco handles the rest.

Now, there’s no doubt about it, today’s print environments are complex. There’s a lot that goes into supplying, maintaining, updating, repairing, replacing, monitoring and upgrading business printers and copiers, but the great part about working with Marco for managed print is that we take on all that complexity.

As one of the top three managed print providers in the United States, we have the service down to a science. With over 700 technicians and engineers on staff, we have the capabilities, resources and expertise to deliver managed print to businesses of any shape and size, within any area of industry. Businesses choosing to self-maintain their print environments might be getting by, but they’re probably missing out.

Print Outsourcing Without the Headache

With our print management services, you don't have to worry about issues with your print technology interrupting workflow. Regardless of the size of your print fleet, issues like running out of toner completely disappear. Better yet, your office printers can be wired up to talk to each other from across the room, and from across the country. Whenever you need everyday printing support, we’re there for you.

And as we manage your print environment, your devices talk to us too. Imagine if your copy machine notified us when there is a problem instead of malfunctioning or failing to print when you’re trying to prep for a meeting? With our print management software, a malfunctioning copy machine will let us know it’s having a problem, and if we can’t solve it remotely, we’ll dispatch a technician to fix the issue.


Rest assured, service isn’t the only thing you can count on when it comes to Marco’s Managed Print Services. We monitor your print environment for usage and performance, and we also always work to identify areas to improve your experience. In fact, one of the biggest benefits customers receive has to do with analytics. We capture how (and how often) each device is being used, and we catalog how much each device costs you in maintenance, repairs and supplies.

The data we collect isn’t the same from business to business, either. It varies based on the specific goals of your organization, the realities of your printing practices and any other beneficial variables we can identify. If you want to look at information location by location, department by department or even employee by employee, we can make that happen. All of this information helps business owners make smart, data-driven decisions when it comes to their business printing.


When it comes to managed print services, we’re not just experts in printing in general; we also provide industry-specific expertise. For example, healthcare organizations and legal firms both rely heavily on print technologies day-to-day, but the way print technology is used by those industries differs widely. For instance, the tracking metrics and privacy needs will differ widely between these two industries, and at Marco, we have the expertise to navigate the specifics of both with ease. Learn more about our managed print offering for these specific industries:

  • Healthcare
  • Legal
  • Retail


When most businesses hear the words “managed print,” they might assume the biggest benefit is the 24/7 technical support. And while there’s no doubt our technical support services are a valuable component of the solution, that’s just the tip of the benefits iceberg. After all, every business is unique, not only within their industry but in their approach to printing. And our capability to deliver managed print services is as unique and specialized as the customers we serve.

Sure, you’ll always have access to an experienced team to troubleshoot printer issues and take care of any maintenance and repairs, but there is so much more to Marco’s Managed Print Services (MPS). In fact, some of the biggest benefits have to do with how comprehensive the service is, the ease it adds to business printing and how much money we can help you save on printing costs. That’s right, we didn’t forget your bottom line. Most customers save an average of 30 percent with managed print!



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