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    A Well-Run Organization

    I remember when I first bought my 1969 Mustang in 2010. It was delivered on a trailer and needed some serious restoration. I imagined it could be brought back to its original glory and once again be a beautiful classic car. I spent the time and money to restore it and make it sol…

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    When the Vision Becomes Personal

    It’s common to see vision and mission statements of organizations displayed on websites, walls and in presentations. But I often wonder how many employees could actually articulate the intended meaning or relevance of the message. I must admit as I was coming up through the ranks…

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    Setting a Vision and Staying the Course

    In the truest sense, vision is defined by the ability to see. But in business, vision is believing what you cannot see will come to be. The uncertainty with vision means it usually includes a significant upfront investment before ever realizing the intended outcome. This element …

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