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    What Makes a Good Partner

    I will always remember the business colleagues who called me or showed up at my doorstep after my wife died. And the ones who flew in to attend the funeral. And those that I lean on for guidance and support when I need to make difficult decisions. None of them had to do it. It go…

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    How to be a Good Customer

    Most of us concentrate our efforts on the selling process to expand our customer base. We also spend a fair amount of time on customer service activities to retain those clients. But it’s important to remember that we are all someone’s customer, too. As our business has expanded,…

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    When Customers Can't All Be Vendors

    As an organization with over 9,000 customers, it’s highly likely in a typical day that we’re going to conduct business with some of them or be asked to do so. But it became more apparent the day we announced we would be building a new corporate headquarters. That’s why I wanted t…

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