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    Leader to Follow: Trevor Akervik

    The best leaders I know are masterful at execution. Trevor Akervik is one of those guys. Trevor currently serves as our Senior Sales Director of Managed Services. He led the development of our Managed Services initiative, which today is the driving force of our business and has s…

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    Have You Lost Your Mojo?

    There are times when we feel like everything is heading in the right direction. Our work is rewarding and we’re enjoying time outside of the office. Then, we hit a slump. We lose our mojo – our passion, energy, motivation or ability to be effective. It can happen without notice o…

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    What I Liked About Iceland

    My job gives me the opportunity to travel all over the world from New Zealand to Argentina. But there was something special about a recent trip I took to Iceland that was purely for pleasure.

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    Recruiting Millennials Part 1: The Right Environment

    Obviously there has been a lot of discussion about millennials – probably as much as there is about the baby boomers on the other end of the spectrum. As leaders, we know that the future success of any organization depends on its ability to recruit, train and retain young people.…

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    You Can Max Out as a Leader

    Have you maxed out as a leader? It happens. As we get bigger, I see more people max out as leaders.

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    The Sale of Our Company: One Year Later

    It’s hard to believe it’s been a year ago already since we made our boldest move: Selling our company to Norwest Equity Partners (NEP), a leading investment firm headquartered in the Twin Cities. We knew the move meant we would need to grow – really grow. So what’s happened since…

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    Why We Make Time for Personal Retreats

    Retreats are common in business today to talk strategy and have more thoughtful discussions about the future. Most often when you hear the word retreat, it involves at least several people and often times many. But there are also personal retreats, which are one-on-one. They allo…

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    How NOT to Get Promoted

    I often get asked, “How do I get promoted?” In my experience, the people who are focused on doing the “right things” and avoiding the “wrong things” are the ones that earn the promotions.

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