From our experience, working with an outsourced IT provider reduces end-user frustration, removes technological bottlenecks and helps employees complete their work with added ease. You see, the biggest frustration we hear from end users (i.e., your employees) is what they’ve experienced as the “hit-and-miss” nature of IT support. Working for a business with limited IT personnel leaves end-user support response and resolution times all over the board. It can be impacted by workload, vacation days, sick days and position vacancies.  

Outsourcing end-user support to Marco can alleviate those headaches. And there are more benefits to your organization and employees.


One of the biggest concerns we hear from business owners is that their employees will get somebody different every time they call the support desk. When we boast over 700 certified systems engineers and technical representatives on staff, it can cause businesses to think they’ll have to work with a new tech or representative each time they call. But, we’ve come up with a way to make sure you and your employees are regularly greeted by the same people.

Each client we work with has a dedicated support team. This team includes engineers, support people and a dedicated technology advisor. So, while we have the depth of hundreds of IT professionals, the team you and your employees interact with is a dedicated group of individuals. This way, when your staff utilizes our remote support, they’ll get the same group of people every time. And when businesses have their day-to-day technology needs managed by an outsourced IT provider, average response times and delays in resolving issues significantly decrease.


Another question that often comes up is if your employees will be able to talk to a live person when they need support. Absolutely! In fact, we view communication as being critical to proper IT support. Although we do offer live chat for those who want it, nothing beats the ability to talk to someone on the phone or face-to-face. Plus, our help-desk staff work locally at Marco offices in our many service areas. You’ll never have your call to us shipped overseas.

These days, the majority of our IT customers choose to benefit from our remote support services. On average, we’re able to solve 97 percent of customer support issues remotely, which means we’re also able to solve them more quickly. This leaves end users quite satisfied with the quality and speed of our support. For issues that cannot be solved remotely, we do provide on-site services, and we’re able to dispatch technicians quickly.

We’ve found that our services work really well when combined with in-house IT departments because we can supplement wherever it’s needed. Your IT employees are happy because they have the needed support to do their jobs better, and your employees are happy because their issues are getting solved quickly and to their satisfaction.

Managed IT Questions

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Since business IT needs change so quickly, will this decision really make sense in the next 6-18 months?
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