If you have just one or two in-house IT staff members, security issues are one of hundreds of tasks they regularly face. Marco, on the other hand, has numerous full-time employees whose sole area of focus is security. All day, every day, they’re monitoring, updating, supporting and tweaking security measures.


One of the biggest misconceptions about outsourced IT has to do with security. Being an IT company, security is of the utmost importance to our business model. We understand that off-site, cloud-based IT infrastructure is almost always more secure than local installations. We can provide as many layers of security as is necessary for our clients - even enterprise-level security suites that are usually too expensive for the average customer. Given the economy of scale, we’re able to provide the benefits of enterprise-level security for small to mid-sized businesses.


Keeping your data secure requires at least two firewalls. One that’s installed on-site at your business, and another as a virtual firewall in our system, which keeps your data separate from other customers’ data. The two firewalls remain in contact with each other over a secure connection at all times. And the only way data can pass from an on-site system to the off-site data center is through the firewalls.

Managed IT Questions

Is what I have in place today working for me?
Can’t my on-site IT person handle everything my business needs?
What security issues should I be concerned about?
How will utilizing outsourced it affect my employees?
Since business IT needs change so quickly, will this decision really make sense in the next 6-18 months?
Is outsourcing more expensive than managing IT in-house?