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    Digital Signage Solutions for Schools: Improving More than Just Navigation

    By: Dan Olk
    March 2, 2015

    Advanced digital technology allows businesses, retail stores, schools and more to display multiple messages with varied content on a digital monitor. It is a powerful avenue for communication, connection and information-sharing. The placement and functionality of digital signage solutions provide a valuable resource for viewers and a reliable platform for organizations.

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    A Digital Wayfinding System Makes the "You Are Here" Maps Obsolete

    By: Dan Olk
    June 3, 2014

    When was the last time you needed a sign that wasn't there? How about at the mall? Have you been to a museum or zoo lately? Airports and universities are other common places where it is difficult to find your way around and easy to get lost. Is your organization large and complex, making it difficult for customers and/or visitors to navigate through? Or maybe your organization is small, but you are located in a large, shared office building. Unfortunately Google Maps doesn’t direct visitors through hallways and elevators, guide shoppers to specific stores or lead travelers to the appropriate terminal.

    Luckily, digital wayfinding systems can.

    Wayfinding 101

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