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    Sourcewell Contracts Help Mitel Dealers Help Government Entities

    By: Jason Boutwell
    December 6, 2017

    Sourcewell makes it possible for organizations to acquire the technology and services needed to remain competitive and effective. The typical process of procuring new technology requires certain organizations to go through a complicated process. Instead of submitting requests to various dealers, who in turn provide competitive solicitations for products and services, qualifying entities can access the products and services they need from pre-approved vendors at pre-negotiated prices.

    2-12-13_Marco_JPEG_logoIn the case of phone systems, Mitel has been awarded a contract to work with Sourcewell as the provider of telecommunications, wireless and related equipment and services. This means that government agencies, educational institutions and nonprofit agencies can purchase Mitel phone systems without going through the RFP (request for proposals) process. 

    Since Marco is an authorized Mitel dealer that works with Sourcewell to help eligible organizations upgrade their systems, organizations come to us in order to navigate the RFP process and get the phone systems and service they need.

    Below you’ll learn more about Marco’s experience as a Mitel dealer.

    How to Use Sourcewell Contracts

    Mitel dealers can offer Sourcewell contracts to government agencies, educational institutions and nonprofit agencies. These agencies often operate under tight budget restrictions and transparent purchasing policies. Government agencies, for example, answer to the taxpayers funding their programs.

    The search for a new telecommunications partner typically requires a local, state or federal government agency to open the procurement process to a competitive solicitation. However, these competitive solicitations might lack the full features and services needed to fulfill specified requirements. Conversely, they may come in and meet operational needs, but go over budget.

    Here are two success stories from government entities who got what they needed - at a price they could afford - with the help of Sourcewell contracts.

    Marco Success Story #1: City of St. Cloud

    The City of St. Cloud’s IT department manages all of the technological services for various city departments, spread out across 14 remote locations in the city. The services covered included, but were not limited to, computers, voice and data and Internet access. St. Cloud was in a bonding year and faced the potential loss of discretionary funds if the money was not used within the designated bond cycle.

    Instead of following the traditional RFP process, the City of St. Cloud went with the option of using the Sourcewell contract to satisfy its needs. The Sourcewell approach streamlined the process for city officials. Since Mitel has already been awarded the competitive solicitation for telecommunication products and services by Sourcewell, all city officials had to do was work with Marco to select the appropriate products and services. The heavy lifting was already done, and an affordable solution was chosen. 

    Marco Success Story #2: City of Albert Lea

    The City of Albert Lea was in a similar position as the St. Cloud officials. They needed a new business phone solution, and with the help of Marco, they were able to choose a new system, install it easily and save money in the process. Marco Sales Manager Paul Hagen explores the ease of the Sourcewell selection process in the following Q&A session regarding the experience of Albert Lea officials:

    How did Sourcewell enter the conversation?
    Hagen: When exploring options, Mitel agreed that the Sourcewell contract worked as an effective avenue for the City of Albert Lea who was purchasing a new business phone system.

    What products/services were purchased?
    Hagen: A six-site Mitel business solution was designed and included full installation and support from Marco. It was just what they needed.

    How much time/resources did Sourcewell save the city?
    Hagen: The city purchased the exact hardware and software solutions needed without wasting time or money going through the traditional RFP process. Sourcewell estimating this process typically saves an average of six months, compared to a traditional RFP process.

    Was the city already a member of Sourcewell?
    Hagen: No, but the city was able to sign up for free and the process went very smooth for the City of Albert Lea and Marco.

    Sourcewell, together with Mitel dealers like Marco, make it easier for government agencies, educational institutions and nonprofits to upgrade existing technology without wasting time and money in the process.

    A government agency can satisfy its competitive solicitation requirements for transparency purposes, while also receiving the hardware, software and support needed using the Mitel Sourcewell contract. The City of St. Cloud provides a great example of how this process can be used by a Mitel dealer to help customers acquire an effective telecommunication solution.

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