Small Businesses Can Outsource IT Support Affordably

By: Marco
July 30, 2015

Generally speaking, the smaller the business, the tighter the budget. In a small business environment, employees must be versatile, capable of handling any task assigned to them, regardless of whether it falls under their job description or not. Unfortunately, this doesn't always work as well as you would like. As the saying goes: when you're a jack of all trades, you're a master of none. In order for your business to thrive, you need masters.

The Problem with In-House, Non-IT Personnel, Managing Your IT

When you hire someone, you're hiring them for their specific skill set. In order to be as efficient as possible, you want them to be working within their area of expertise. For example, if you hire someone to manage your advertising, their time is best spent working on the next advertising campaign, rather than struggling with the printer. Unfortunately, small businesses don't have the available cash to invest in non-core functions. This means certain areas – particularly IT – are handled by in-house employees who aren't necessarily trained to deal with all of the finer points of IT support.

The result? Low efficiency at an inflated cost. Instead of delegating small business IT support to someone in-house, a more cost effective move may be to outsource.

Managed IT Providers

small_business_itWhen you turn to Managed IT providers to outsource IT support, you won't have the drawbacks associated with untrained employees in charge. Instead, you'll be working with someone who can design an IT strategy that fits your budget, while fulfilling your technology needs.

To keep your business successful and productive, it is important to have experienced and reliable IT support. Here are some of the benefits to working with a Managed IT provider:

Help Desk Support

An IT crisis can temporarily shut down an entire department, and even business, if it's not dealt with in a prompt fashion. Every hour lost is another hour of profit down the drain. For small businesses, this downtime can be the difference between being in the black or being in the red. During a crisis, you don't want to be dependent on an untrained employee reading through a manual.

When a crisis or other routine issues occur, help desk support is there immediately. This prompt response provides minimal downtime, which means you won't be losing hours – or money – to a solvable problem.

IT Strategy Development

Every small business has different needs. Your Managed IT provider can help you determine your specific needs, and create a plan to implement technology that addresses those needs. When you outsource IT support, a Managed IT provider will also consider your future IT needs in their assessment to ensure your technology keeps up with your growth.

For example, when you're planning your future expansion, your Managed IT provider will guide you towards making the correct IT choices with that in mind. You'll be prepared, allowing you to hit the ground running, rather than waiting for your IT to catch up.

Access to IT Experts

Experts can be the difference between success and failure. IT experts are experienced working in crisis situations, and more importantly, they have the knowledge to prevent those situations from happening in the first place. An IT expert will also be able to design and implement ideas that will help your small business move at a faster pace to keep up with opportunities.

Small Budget, Small Problem

Too many small businesses neglect IT support because it's not in their budget; this leads to issues when IT problems arise that in-house employees are incapable of handling. Outsource IT support to a managed IT provider for the perfect amount of IT support at an affordable cost, while also allowing your employees to focus on what they do best.

Consult with a Managed IT Specialist to determine how these services can help your business.

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