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    Outsourced IT Help Desk Services that Boost Internal IT Productivity

    By: Dan Larkin
    May 7, 2014

    help_desk_servicesThere is a vital discussion going on behind the scenes of corporate America regarding the value and purpose of a business IT department. For almost 20 years now the IT department at most companies has been the fastest growing segment in the workplace. The rush to adopt computers and network technology, combined with the ever-increasing pace at which technology advances, is placing immense pressure on IT departments everywhere.

    For many companies, the increasing scope of network infrastructure is creating a problem. IT departments are facing a difficult dual-task in today’s workplace balancing strategic goals and employee assistance. Your internal IT staff is designed to manage, maintain and repair your on-site IT infrastructure. Increasingly, internal IT departments are overwhelmed as they are asked to interrupt important projects to focus on basic help desk functions.

    Outsourcing IT Help Desk Services

    Computers, software and other hardware pieces are all vital to the day-to-day operations in your office. Unfortunately, IT staff is being stretched to the breaking point keeping up with the demands of network and hardware maintenance while also helping out employees in times of need.

    Outsourcing your IT help desk services to a third party provider can help by pushing the reset button on your IT department’s daily operations. Everything from desktop to printer support to network maintenance assistance can be outsourced, allowing your IT department to focus on important applications for your business.

    What Can an Outsourced IT Firm Offer Your Business?

    Take a moment to think about all the little things that your employees need to remain productive on a daily basis. Each employee within your company has a workstation with a PC (or laptop), an operating system, application software, access to a printer, an email account and a network connection. Traditionally it has been the IT department’s job to maintain these services for your employees.

    Now, imagine your IT department trying to keep up with problems in any one of these areas for each employee in the company. Often times there simply are not enough hours in the day to tackle these problems quickly and efficiently.

    An outsourced IT firm can offer your employees help desk assistance remotely; this will relieve some of the burden on your IT department. Outsourced IT firms can help tackle operating system errors at workstations, password resets, setup email accounts for new hires and even troubleshoot email, network connectivity and printer access issues. Rather than waiting on someone to come to their individual workstation, employees get this help more quickly with a simple phone call.

    Impact on your IT Department

    The impact of outsourcing your help desk services for your employees to a third party provider will be felt immediately within the IT department. Rather than running around the building all day putting out small IT fires, your IT staff can refocus its efforts on the long-term stability of on-site IT infrastructure.

    By outsourcing, your employees will have flexible and reliable access to IT support in their moment of need. At the same time, your IT department can maintain its focus on core responsibilities including network infrastructure installation, maintenance and improvements for your customers.

    Impact on Your Company as a Whole

    With your IT help desk services now outsourced and your IT department happily refocused on its core responsibilities, you might even find the productivity level of other departments on the rise as well.
    The employees in your customer service department can’t help your customers when staring at a frozen computer screen. Fortunately, with your help desk services outsourced to an IT firm, your customer service employee can make a quick call and get immediate help addressing the issue with their hardware. At the same time, your IT department employee has remained on task maintaining the network, monitoring security or preparing vital software updates. And this is just one of many examples that could occur any day of the week.

    Outsourcing your IT help desk services is a win-win for your business and its employees, both in and out of the IT department. Request a free consultation with a Managed IT specialist to discuss this opportunity for your business in further detail.

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