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    New Hybrid Cloud Caters to Small Businesses

    By: Steve Knutson
    February 9, 2012

    A new subscription-based technology service gives very small businesses the hardware and software they need on a pay-as-you-go basis.

    The new hybrid cloud service, unveiled by industry leaders like Intel, is designed for organizations with 25 users or fewer. The monthly managed service allows them to conserve their business capital while staying current on the latest hardware and software applications. Licenses for the products are included in the per user fee.

    This new hybrid approach provides the best of both the private and public cloud environments. It allows businesses to receive the scalability and affordability that a public cloud computing environment offers with the stability and confidence of having hardware and data stored onsite.

    Here are a few reasons why small companies find value in the hybrid cloud model:

    Keep your cash. 
    Paying month-to-month through a hybrid cloud arrangement frees up cash that businesses can use elsewhere and improves overall cash flow during tight times. Instead of paying the big-ticket price tag of devices all at once businesses can spread the cost of the hardware.

    Get the latest technology. 
    Keeping up with technology advancements is not easy and can become costly for companies, especially smaller organizations. Hybrid cloud services give businesses up-to-date hardware and the latest software without paying for the upgrades. Organizations also do not have to spend time or money disposing of the old technology. Hybrid cloud services providers take care of recycling the equipment.

    Receive local IT support.
    This hybrid cloud service gives businesses access to a team of highly skilled IT specialists that they cannot afford to hire in-house and allows employees to focus on the core business. A managed service provider remotely manages the server and solutions that are on-site at the business.

    Small businesses run on lean budgets and often depend on their technology for labor efficiencies. The hybrid cloud provides those owners with the hardware, applications and IT support they need for a price they can afford.

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