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    Myth Series #7: Leadership Won’t Invest in This [Video]

    By: Trevor Akervik
    August 17, 2018

    Sometimes, there’s an IT Manager who learns about Managed Services and sees how much good it can do for their company, but they’re reluctant to bring it to leadership because they think they’ll be shot down. Thinking that your CEO or ownership won’t invest in Managed Services is a very popular myth, which is why I asked Shelly Caldwell, a Regional Sales Manager for Marco, to share how she addresses it.


    Thorough Cost Analysis

    Your company’s CEO or owners are likely concerned about the cost of Managed Services, and they absolutely should be. Part of what we do at Marco is put together a cost analysis that compares what you are currently spending and what things would look like with Managed Services.

    With the numbers crunched, you have a pretty clear answer to the question Is Managed Print worth it? In fact, sometimes just looking at the numbers is enough to get Managed Print buy in from leadership.

    Approach with a Plan

    We definitely understand that implementing Managed Services just doesn't happen without buy-in from leadership, and that’s why we always go in with a plan. Part of what you get when you partner with Marco for Managed Services is support, and that includes the preparation for discussing Managed Services with leadership.

    We can help you develop a plan – one that includes cost analysis information – that will help you feel good bringing the idea of Managed Print investment to leadership and help you look good too.

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