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    Myth Series #14: There are Better Options [Video]

    By: Trevor Akervik
    October 18, 2018

    When it comes to considering managed services for your business, there are a few myths that come up time and time again. This myth, the idea that there are better options for your business, typically comes from comparing managed services pricing to big box pricing. But what those comparisons usually don’t cover is the big picture expense of choosing to go with a big box store. Watch in this video as Pat Haney, our Director of Major Accounts at Marco, takes on this myth:


    Leveraging Our Scale

    As you heard Pat say, we’re servicing over 99,000 devices in the field today. But it’s not just today. It’s also yesterday, tomorrow and six months from now. The size of our service footprint gives us scale. And we use that scale as leverage within our manufacturer relationships. What that means is we are able to get better pricing on parts, products and services. And we build those savings into our Managed Services contracts.

    Understanding the True Costs

    The reality of cost comparison between our Managed Services offering and what a big box store can provide isn’t a comparison at all. When we get the opportunity to sit down and talk to our prospective customers, it’s clear that we can provide them with supplies, parts, labor, service and help desk services for less than they’re paying for supplies right now.

    Take a moment to consider what a difference that could make in your print environment. If your current supply costs were enough to cover replacement parts, labor from service technicians and end-user support, how much of a difference would that make in your business? Plus, you would have one single contact for all of those needs. It could make things much simpler, all around.

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