Stop Drowning In Invoices And Add Ease To Managing Office Technology

By: Trevor Akervik
January 14, 2021

Call to mind the person who manages your office technology. The one who handles the issues with the phones, gets answers to all the IT questions and takes on the responsibility of ensuring the office copier never runs out of toner. The person puts in the effort to make sure your business has access to the technology it needs. If this person is you, thank you for all you do. If this person is a coworker of yours, maybe let them know how much you appreciate them the next time you see them? 

image of a woman at her home office desk managing paperwork and invoicesOffice managers everywhere put in a whole lot of effort keeping all the moving pieces of an office working, and odds are, it’s only a portion of their responsibilities.  

There’s number crunching, budget balancing and invoice management. That’s a lot for anyone, even those of us who have a deep-seated love of spreadsheets. 

Let’s Talk About Invoices And Vendor Partners

Regardless of how you feel about financials, invoice management can add up to a lot of work. As the benefits of outsourcing services continue to grow, so do the number of vendor partners a company has. We have vendors who bring the water jugs and replenish the coffee reserves. There’s the cleaning crew that keeps the offices looking great. There’s the internet provider, telecom provider, IT service provider, office equipment provider and copier lease vendor. And this list is by no means exhaustive. There’s a vendor out there for just about everything. 

And with every vendor comes an invoice. Even vendors who offer multiple services will oftentimes invoice separately. And where does this leave our office manager? Drowning in invoices. 

Consider Invoice Consolidation

Now, I’m not saying this to eliminate vendor partners or reabsorb outsourced services back into your business. That’s something only you and your team can determine. What I am saying is to look for opportunities where the invoicing process can be simplified—like through invoice consolidation.

Invoice consolidation is the process of combining multiple services into something much simpler. It’s a newer option that vendors are beginning to offer, and it’s a great way to bring some simplicity back to the outsourcing model. It’s something we’ve worked with in our newest offering, the Stax Program. 

What Is The Stax Program?

The Stax program offers a new way of bundling business technology. Now you can roll multiple services into a single program. The services are simplified—a single vendor, agreement, terms and renewal date. The program comes with a term-length loyalty discount, and you’ll receive the same great Marco service and support you already know. The program’s eligible services are: 

  • Managed IT
  • UnifyIT
  • Voice
  • Print

If you’re looking for more details on the Stax program, we covered it in more depth in a previous blog. And if you’re interested in calculating how much you can save with the Stax program, we’ve created a handy tool that does the math for you. 


Along with the overall simplicity and cost savings, one of the benefits of joining a Stax program is invoice consolidation. Every service that’s part of your Stax agreement will be part of this consolidation. Depending on your program, that can mean as many as four services simplified. If that’s not efficient, I don’t know what is. 

Invoice Consolidation Is Just The Beginning

For overworked office managers looking to add ease to their operations, the Stax program provides an excellent opportunity to consolidate your technology vendor partnerships—and invoices—into something much simpler. If you or your office manager could use a couple more hours in the day, finding ways to automate and simplify repeating processes is the key. Find out how the Marco Stax program can add more efficiency to your office operations by connecting with a Marco rep.

Frustrated with multiple renewal dates and invoices? Bundle with Stax

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