3 Operational Headaches Eliminated When You Join A Stax Program

By: Trevor Akervik
January 20, 2021

As businesses continue to grow and scale, the old way of doing things starts getting in the way. The technology that’s meant to bring simplicity and ease requires too much effort to manage and maintain. And from the growing complexity and confusion, operational headaches are born. 

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For the employee(s) tasked with managing their office’s technology services, we understand how overwhelming it can be. That’s why we created a better way. The Marco Stax program is a way for us to keep the complexity on our end and deliver technology services with ease. 

Simplify IT Management Issues With The Stax Program

Making business technology easier and more accessible is a big part of what we do. And one thing we’ve learned is how to change and adapt our offerings to meet the ever-changing needs of today’s businesses. 

Here’s a snapshot of three operational headaches that we’ve eliminated with Stax.  

Vendor Management

Managing technology vendors oftentimes adds to the complexity and confusion of receiving business technology services. For each vendor, you have a separate contact person, help desk ticketing system, service technician and communication style to adapt to. At the end of the day, vendor management can feel like a full-time job all on its own. 

That’s why we made vendor consolidation a primary component of the Stax program. Under a Stax agreement, a client can receive a handful of eligible services from a single vendor, which lays the foundation for a simplified experience. It allows for further simplification, especially for invoicing and contract terms. 

Invoice Management

All on its own, invoice management can add up to a lot of work. Whether you’re working with individual vendors for services or have the same vendor for a handful of services, odds are you’re still managing separate invoices on a per service basis. 

With a Stax program, we’re offering a solution that stops you from drowning in invoices. Through a process called invoice consolidation, there’s no need to track numerous due dates or wonder if everything got paid. Instead, you can have multiple services rolled into a consolidated invoice with flexible terms. 

Managing Terms And Renewal Dates

Individual service agreements mean separate terms and renewal dates for individual services. Sometimes, just the management of these individual terms can be enough to make your head spin. 

With a Stax program, every service you include in the program will be on the same agreement. That means matching renewal dates, terms, customer service offerings and durations. Everything starts and renews on the same date, and all those mid-contract check-ins and changes can be made at the same time too. 

We believe business technology should make life easier, not harder. With a Stax program, managing technology services will be easier. You’ll have one vendor, one single point of contact and consolidated invoicing. Plus, the ability to scale your services up or down alongside your business growth is part of the package. 

All this, plus the same great Marco service you already know and love! New to Marco? Learn about our help desk operations in this article and contact a rep to learn how the Stax program can make your life easier—and bring some term-length savings along for the ride.

Frustrated with multiple renewal dates and invoices? Bundle with Stax

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