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    How to Convince Your Boss Managed IT is Right for Your Business

    By: Dustin Bonn
    April 16, 2018

    managed_itFor most of us, it is impossible to imagine getting our jobs done without the Internet. While it's easy to take the complexity of today's business technology for granted, well-supported IT infrastructure makes it possible for today's businesses to function. And as long as it's working and providing Internet access, we don’t really think about it... That is, unless you're in IT. 

    While most employees use the network to remain productive, the members of the IT department work tirelessly to manage and maintain the network that supports this productivity.

    Without IT staff, networks are subject to security threats, outdated software and increased downtime. Despite the importance of network management, this isn’t the only responsibility of IT employees. However, each time there is a problem with the network, the IT staff receives panicked calls that interrupt their daily tasks. Many IT departments are overworked, understaffed and under constant stress to keep the network running, among many other responsibilities.

    One solution to this problem is to partner with a managed IT firm. A managed IT services provider can help any company maintain a strong, reliable network while allowing their IT department to remain focused on other business priorities.

    The Issue at Hand

    The problem for most companies has not been a lack of money to invest in proper network and IT infrastructure tools (i.e. new servers, software upgrades, security, etc.), but rather a shortage of qualified IT staff – due to available talent, experience and budget constraints.

    When an IT department is struggling with multiple priorities, network problems can impact office productivity, services provided to customers, data and information security and even employee morale. Let’s start by considering the impact on the IT department itself, followed by the ripple effect it creates throughout the office and customer base.

    On any given day, your IT department is responsible for monitoring and maintaining your network, as well as putting out little fires that pop up in the office throughout the day. When an employee has a connectivity issue, they call IT. When the video conferencing equipment doesn’t work for a meeting, IT gets the call. When printers aren’t responding on the network, IT responds. You get the picture.

    Plus, efforts like monitoring the network security software, installing software patches and updates, maintaining servers and keeping the network running smoothly all fall on IT's shoulders.

    Unfortunately, all it takes is one network problem to bring productivity to a screeching halt. Let’s say, for example, that your IT staff has been busy with those little problems around the office, and as a result server maintenance is behind schedule.

    Now, what happens when one (or more) of the servers powering your network goes down because necessary maintenance hasn’t been performed? Downtime - a costly and preventable problem.

    The Solution: Streamline IT’s Role, Boost Support

    Managed IT services can help your company avoid downtime and relieve some of the stress on your IT department. Entrusting your IT network infrastructure to a managed IT services provider helps ease the burden on the IT department and improve the support offered to both your staff and your customers. Managed IT firms offer services ranging from simple to complex. 

    Partnering with a managed IT firm eases the burden on your IT staff. When you decrease the interruptions and distractions from important IT projects, you not only streamline operations in the office, you also improve network performance and workplace productivity. Your IT department will then be free to focus on primary tasks, and do so more effectively.

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