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    Hosted IT vs. On-Premise IT vs. Hybrid IT – What’s the Difference?

    By: Dustin Bonn
    March 7, 2019

    The best way to store your organization's desktop apps and server infrastructure is not an open and shut case. Instead, it depends upon the specifics of your organization and what works best for your business, its goals and vision. For this, there are three different offerings: Hosted IT, On-Premise IT and Hybrid IT.

    Managed IT Service Offerings

    Hosted IT Vs. On-Premise IT Vs. Hybrid IT - What's the Difference? While Managed IT has different offerings to meet different needs, these differences relate to how and where your storage functions, not the specifics of what's included in the service itself. Regardless of the storage solution that's best suited to your organization, you'll have access to the same help desk, reporting and analytics services. 

    Marco will help you understand which option is best for your business from both a performance and financial perspective. With that being said, here's a snapshot of the differences between these offerings. 

    Hosted IT

    Hosted IT refers to your infrastructure and applications being hosted in a provider's datacenter (also known as “the cloud”). Some organizations prefer to strategize and work toward having all of their services hosted in a single data center by a single provider, which may or may not be an option. There are many factors in determining if you are able to leverage a single Hosted provider, a Cloud Readiness Assessment is by far the best place to start.

    On-Premise IT

    With On-Premise IT, your infrastructure and applications are housed in a data center at your organization's physical location. There are some applications that simply function better in an on-premise environment, like CAD software. If businesses were to move that software to the cloud, performance would decline, and for that reason, we wouldn't recommend it. 

    Hybrid IT

    As the name indicates, Hybrid IT is a combination of both Hosted IT and On-Premise IT. Hybrid IT means keeping some resources in-house but also using cloud-based services to simplify management. And for some organizations, having their resources in both places is what works best for them. 

    How Marco Can Help

    Different parts of your business may need to reside in different places, and as a service provider, Marco is comfortable with that. We’re invested in helping your organization do what’s best for your business. And whatever way that is, Marco has the capabilities and experience to support all three options.

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