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    Don't Limit Linda: Not My Circus [VIDEO]

    By: Mike Burgard
    April 20, 2020


    That word when used in a professional, company-based sense can have both negative and positive connotation. Businesses need a sense of control over their processes, employees, client activity and technology. That all makes sense.

    What doesn't make sense is what happens to an entire office infrastructure when that sense of control is threatened or lost. That lack of control and helpless feeling far after the fact can have long-lasting implications that exposes businesses to a seemingly endless string of chaos.

    Speaking of chaos, let's catch up with Linda who knows all too well what it's like to try to navigate a senseless workplace in the light of destruction. 


    The Silence of Cybersecurity

    That party looks fun, huh? Said no one ever, in the wake of cyber attacks. 

    Your business will know when your cybersecurity safeguards fail. On the reverse, how do you know when your strategy is working? Once you relinquish control over such a huge part of business to a professional solution like Managed IT, you'll know you're in good hands. That's how cybercriminals work; silently, lurking right below the surface of your precious data and most private information.

    Control The Future

    One of your company's most precious resources is time. Your employees are paid for their time, your goals and initiatives are built into a manageable timeline, and your success is measured in time among other things. When your business suffers because of a security attack, time is compromised in a big way. 

    Cybercriminals are getting really, really good at being very, very bad. Once they gain access to your data, they quickly work to monetize your network, using its access against you to obtain what is actually and legally yours. These outfits demand money in exchange for releasing your data; this can cost thousands of dollars and time. So much time. 

    It's time to control the safety and future of your business.

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