Don't Limit Linda: IT Fill In [Video]

By: Trevor Akervik
August 13, 2018

Do you have an internal IT team at your office? If you’re not sure, think about this: When something goes wrong with technology, who do you turn to? Is it any IT employee you think might be able to figure things out? I’ve found that a lot of offices have a go-to person who’s better than most at technology whose job is not in IT. And this time, it’s Linda.  


Who’s on Your Internal IT Team?

Whether or not you have internal IT staff, you still have internal IT problems. Linda might be the most likely person to solve your technical issues, but it’s not her job. In fact, all the time she spends helping others keep their technology running is time she’s not able to dedicate to her work.

And odds are, an IT professional will assess, diagnose and resolve technology issues much faster than Linda ever could. Not because Linda isn’t great, but because resolving technology issues isn’t what she does – it’s something she can do… sort of.

Get Technology Help from the Professionals

Instead of relying on whoever you consider to be internal IT staff, consider partnering with an outsourced IT provider whose core area of focus is solving and preventing technology problems. With Managed IT Services, not only do you have highly-skilled professionals to call on anytime your business technology isn’t functioning as it should, you also have 24/7 network monitoring focused on identifying and solving issues before they ever impact your workflow. If that sounds pretty great, let’s have a consultation. And in the meantime, #DontLimitLinda

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