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    Don't Limit Linda: Hats Off to You [VIDEO]

    By: Mike Burgard
    May 4, 2020

    Within workplace culture, there's being a team player, and then there's the unfortunate role of being everyone's go-to regardless of specialty or seat.

    We've likely all been there at one point in our careers, but when it's an unrelenting misuse of your employees' precious time and resources allotted to things like connectivity, security and tech ... well, we believe there's an easier way to manage office technology and all its moving parts. 


    That's an impossible feeling, isn't it? Being weighted down by unnecessary office tasks that you might not even be qualified to handle, yet knowing someone has to do it. What an impossible choice to make, and to make as often as it happens in a typical office setting.

    Managing IT & Security Needs

    Linda's portrayal of a common employee tasked with one too many requests in any given day is pretty indicative of how her company manages IT and along with it, security needs. And, it's clear by those indications it's not a great strategy.

    It's not Linda's fault, or anyone in her similar shoes, but without the proper procedures and safeguards in place, it's hard to know what gaps and requirements are missing in IT security protocol

    Managed Services in Place

    Managed Services are about continuity and a streamlined system to ensure efficacy and timeliness for all issues affecting office technology. But, what Managed Services is really about is security; in fact, computer security is all about the data. Protecting users, hardware and software is all part of IT security, but the heart of the matter is the data itself. 

    Significant risk can be eliminated by implementing Managed Services which in turn, frees up those employees continually combatting the pull towards playing a role in which they're not best suited to fill. Protect your employees, protect your data and protect your productivity.

    It's easier than you think.

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