Don't Limit Linda: Confidential Printing [Video]

By: Dan Larkin
August 1, 2018

Is your workplace full of secrets? The need to print securely and confidentially comes up in nearly every area of industry, not just healthcare and human resources. Take a moment to watch Linda’s (mis)adventure with confidential printing and see if you can relate:   


Confidential Office Printing

Odds are, you know all too well how important it is to be able to print confidentially at work. And just so you know, that rush to the copier after pressing print doesn’t have to be your reality. Luckily for you, and Linda, secure print technology can enable confidential printing throughout your organization.

Secure Print Technology

Here at Marco, we provide secure print technology to any customer who needs it, which is just about all of them. If you’re interested in learning more about confidential printing and how it can impact your organization, contact one of our copier/printer specialists.

Stay tuned throughout the month of August for more of Linda’s misadventures. And whatever you do, #DontLimitLinda

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