Why Managed WAN

Why Managed WAN

January 23, 2019 12:00 pm - 12:45 pm

Imagine having only one resource to call when you have questions or issues about your business technology or your connectivity services, whether you have one location or 20. Our Managed WAN services simplify your life by eliminating the need to work with multiple carriers. But more than that, it offers you a better overall experience by giving you a private highway to your cloud.

That means a more solid infrastructure, a resiliency plan so you can stay online and connected no matter what, optimized traffic to your most important business applications, a higher quality of service between your network and the cloud, better connections between multiple locations for one cohesive corporate experience, and much more.

Join us January 23 when we’ll talk about all of the advantages of Managed WAN, plus some information on the basics, including what constitutes “good” internet, the differences between private and public WAN networks and how SD-WAN plays into the equation. It’s a discussion you won’t want to miss.