Cybersecurity Best Practices: Don't Lose to the Bad Guys

Cybersecurity Best Practices: Don't Lose to the Bad Guys

July 18, 2018 12:00 pm - 12:45 pm

Cybersecurity villains are a constant threat in the IT industry. That’s because the methods are always changing. Malware, spear phishing, pharming, and drive-by downloads are just some of the attacks that put your company at risk.

Our July Lunch Bytes webinar will discuss the latest threats and how you can stay vigilant. We’ll explain how ransomware has evolved in the last 12 months and become even more dangerous. We’ll also uncover the false sense of security regarding firewalls and passwords, how insider threats are more real than anyone wants to admit and how social engineering is more prevalent than ever in dismantling the best cybersecurity techniques.  

We’ll finish with effective strategies your organization can use to protect your data and keep your users safe, including core technologies that change your protection and response when the unspeakable happens. Knowing these best practices in cybersecurity will help you keep the bad guys out.

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