Cloud Webinar

Cloud Webinar

July 19th, 2017 12:00 pm - 12:45 pm

View the webinar recording here.


There are two types of businesses. Those who’ve already moved to the cloud and those who will be moving to the cloud. It’s that simple. 

This month’s Lunch Bytes Webinar will take a quick look at the WHYs and HOWs of moving to the cloud. We’ll start with an explanation of what the cloud is — and the different types of cloud. (Yes, there are different types!)

From there we’ll discuss the many benefits of moving to the cloud, from saving your business money … to safeguarding your data … to making your apps more accessible to your remote and mobile users. We’ll also show how Marco can make the transition as smooth as possible. Then, we’ll finish up with real-life examples of how migrating to the cloud is a big win for some of our customers.

Learn why the best next step for your business is in the cloud.

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