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“In my experience, there are very few companies like Marco and M-Files who can deliver the level of customer service they do. They’re amazing. The people I’ve worked with have been responsive and have helped us grow.” -Jim Ashmore, Director of Operations

Company Overview

Founded in 1928, Southern Hills Title, Inc. is the only licensed title company serving Custer, Fall River and Shannon Counties in South Dakota. The 12-person firm provides full title, closing, legal services and document escrow services. Southern Hills Title insures through Stewart Title Company, Old Republic National Title Insurance Company and Dakota Homestead Title Insurance Company.

The Problem

Southern Hills Title Taps M-Files to improve Customer Responsiveness

By nature, the title business is very document-intensive. Every property has many records and files associated with it. In addition, a tremendous amount of documentation is generated during each real estate transaction such as settlement statements, deeds, mortgages, 100-page loan packages, title commitments and final policies. And often times, these documents are administered and managed in paper format.

"All title companies manage courthouse records, and it must be a certified title company that has these records," said Jim Ashmore, Director of Operations with Southern Hills Title. "Our firm is required to have a copy of every instrument filed or recorded in our county, which means we have hundreds of thousands of documents and files to manage. With such a vast amount of information to manage, finding the right deed or document was an incredibly difficult—and time consuming—process."

With an overwhelming volume of real estate documentation to manage, Southern Hills Title needed a formal document management solution that enabled its employees to look up information, send confidential files to co-workers and share information with approved third-parties.

The Solution

Southern Hills Title had been working with Marco for several years. During an on-site visit, Marco's software solution specialist demonstrated the M-Files document management solution to Ashmore, who quickly realized this was the solution he was looking for. "Our relationship with Marco is key. They worked hand-in-hand with us immediately once we made the decision to move forward with M-Files, and helped us tailor the solution to meet our specific needs. We were live and working with M-Files quickly," said Ashmore.

Marco worked with Southern Hills Title to develop document templates and establish workflows in M-Files to mirror the exact processes the firm was administering on paper. This was important because many of the organization's employees were apprehensive about moving from paper to digital.

"Our staff had been following the same outdated and time-consuming processes for years, so it was critical for the solution to be easy to use in order for them to actually migrate to it. Marco helped us configure M-Files in a manner that made the new process look exactly the same as the old paper-based process, which led to a very smooth adoption by our employees," added Ashmore.Southern Hills Title is reaping the rewards from leveraging the powerful document management capabilities of M-Files in several ways. Most notably, the organization is able to deliver much faster customer inquiry response times.

"M-Files makes many things so easy for us—document-centric activities that used to take 10-15 minutes now take only seconds. Responding to customers is much quicker now, and much more stress-free. Customers can see the difference in terms of how much more quickly we can respond to them. M-Files 'has our back' in helping to address issues that require a fast response," said Ashmore. "Being able to provide factual evidence in a matter of seconds is so important in our industry. Not only does this help with customer satisfaction, but it alleviates stress for our staff."

In addition to improved customer service, Southern Hills Title employees now operate with a much greater level of efficiency and are much more productive since using M-Files. In addition to being able to locate documents quickly and easily, the company has configured workflows within M-Files for specific files and records that require reviews, approval and signing.

"In my experience, there are very few companies like Marco and M-Files who can deliver the level of customer service they do. They're amazing," added Ashmore. "The people I've worked with have been responsive and have helped us grow."

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