Managed Video Conferencing Services:  Everything you love about video conferencing without the big price tag.

Your biggest customer has been asking about video conferencing. He's wondering if there's a way to include his reps when they're out on the road. He says it would make your weekly touch-base meetings much more personal and productive. You agree. But, you're worried about the cost of all that equipment. And, who's going to get everything up and running?

With our hosted video services, it's easier and more affordable than ever because everything you need is included in one monthly fee.

No hardware to purchase or upgrade.

That's right. Marco's hosted Video-as-a-Service (VaaS) platform requires zero capital investment in hardware. That means there's no costly video bridge to buy. And no equipment to upgrade. By using Marco's cloud-based infrastructure, you'll get highly scalable, interoperable video services that connect high definition conferencing systems with desktops, web browsers and mobile devices.

From meeting rooms to cloud to mobile.

Whether joining from a laptop at the airport or sitting in your company's conference room, you'll get a high-quality video experience. Our cloud video services offer compatibility with HD conference rooms, web browsers, desktops and mobile devices. Just imagine how much more productive you'll be. And how much you'll save in travel costs.

Our hosted video services work with:

Plays well with firewalls.

One of the operational headaches of video conferencing is getting your system to work with your company's firewall. While you need to keep your information confidential and secure, you also need the flexibility to call outside of your organization. We make it easy, whether you're using our desktop software or mobile device apps.

Simple pricing structure.

With our VaaS business model, you simply pay a monthly fee for the number of ports you use, regardless of location or device.

Hosted Video Services benefits:

Vaas and Interoperability Parnter